jewellery & lab scales


High Accuracy Jewellery scales are available from us,which has good wide market in Banking sectors for jewel loans, Jewellery shops for weighing gold &Silver, And also in labs we provide acyrlic wind shield cover if needed. All models are approved by Govt of India. And each scales are stamped by legal metrology department & the original certificate is handed over to the party.


Portable compact balances offer the features and functions needed for many different applications. They are well-suited for performing basic mass measurement in general science lessons, chemistry labs and physics classrooms – models with a special stackable design are an excellent solution for labs or classrooms with limited space.


Attractive design

High accuracy

AC and built in rechargeable battery

High bright display

MS Body powder coated scale


Laboratories | SIlver Scales

Gem & Jewellery | Banking Sectors


Extra Display / Wind Shield


Available in both Red & Green Displays

Auto sleep mode for long battery backup time

Attractive additional display for easy customer viewing

Overload alarm and indication

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