We know from customer feedback that fast turnaround time is critically important to you. In order to ensure maximum uptime for your devices and limit time out for repair, Ranga Scales have several services to get your devices back to you and operational quickly, and minimize downtime. The following services are available for certain products:


We undertake all Brands weighing scale under AMC, Once you have entered the scale in to AMC we will take responsibilities to maintain the weighing scale for the period of 1 year. To take advantage of one of these services when available or If you have questions regarding the services available on for your device, please contact Customer Support.


If your device requires service, we can supply you with a new unit prior to you sending us yours, helping to reduce downtime.


We undertake stamping contracts for your scales in use & produce your scales to the legal metrology department so that it verified & stamped well in time before it get penalized. This work is done to our customers year by year. And most of our customers don’t even remember their scale’s due for stamping & verification dates, and we take the responsibility of doing it in time & delivering it on time.

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